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Re-Wild at Heart

Whilst capitalism eats itself, radical re-imaginings are dared.

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Deep Throat, the FT and the Grauniad

In his obit of Mark Felt, FT 20th December, Jurek Martin concludes with this: “He escaped implication in Watergate for years but Mr Felt did encounter legal problems of his own. After leaving the agency which he joined in 1942, … Continue reading

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Democracy in action (again)

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Review of Lobster 56

Robin Ramsay has been producing the twice-yearly Lobster for a very long time, and he is very very good at it. Lobster has been beavering away at the meeting place of the Secret State, the “Special Relationship” and “para-politics generally … Continue reading

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Fourth World Review reviewed. (Issue 148)

Another Fourth World Review has found its welcome way to my door. It’s another good issue, and before I (critically) review its contents, I want to point out just how much “invisible” work is embedded in these sorts of publications. … Continue reading

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Who needs Jonathan Swift when we have Californian plastic surgeons?I wish I’d thought of that.

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Coitus Interruptus

The pope fails the grasp the actual reasons behind the impending ecological debacle – preferring to characterise it as a vast gay conspiracy. The great stain that is Clarkson continues with his “aren’t I controversial” wankery by pretending that only … Continue reading

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Christmas brings the fortieth anniversary of the first image of Earth Rising – an image that (should have) transformed the way we, as a species, conceptualise ourselves.Did it? The UK gov’t relinquishes all remaining control of its Atomic Weapons by … Continue reading

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Jury of One peer

The attorney General – the duly appointed, cabinet-ranking, partisan politician Baroness Scotland – is making plans to withdraw the protection of legal precedent from climate protestors who break the law in their stirling efforts to avert catastrophe. Suggestions that this … Continue reading

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Concerned Businessmen for Growth and Continuity

As Woolworths collapses and sheds thousands of jobs; as Chrysler shuts down all operations for a month; as Zimbabwe descends ever further into hell and takes its wildlife with it; as British Airports Authority attempts to sidestep the Heathrow reports … Continue reading

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