Sadnesses piling up.

Sadness aout the Heathrow decision.

I mean, I knew the government would do it.

The 2003 White Paper was basically written by the aviation industry and sent over to the Department for Transport for mastheading and distribution. “Freedom to Fly” was a beautiful framing device, making it a question of liberty versus restriction, rather than indulgence versus survival.

And I intellectually knew most unions would be on board. After all, I suggested the theme for this cartoon by the absurdly prolific and sharp Marc Roberts.

But before reading my FT, I read my Morning Star, and it had a piece on…

“Airport workers addressed MPs at Westminster yesterday to “set the record straight” about Heathrow expansion. Workers from Heathrow and other British airports took the case for a third runwayto Parliament, concerned that the latest governmetn delay on approvignt he scheme was putting jobs and development at risk.”

Workers of the World, Unite, you have nothing to lose but a habitable planet for your children.

And I am sad that the notion of a Just Transition hasn’t gotten more traction, but I’m not surprised given the general cackhandedness and downright weirdness of many climate activists.

And I am sad to think that the Campaign against Climate Change Trades Union thing is wasting its breath.

And I am sad that Heathrow wasn’t stopped before it got this far because now there the heroic eco-warriors are going to have to fight on at least three fronts- Airports, Coal and Copenhagen.

And I am sad to think that Manchester is so ill-served by the Manchester Evening News.

Yesterday the Council announced its climate plans. Today the MEN’s front page splash was… wait for it…

Drunk in charge of a stolen Asda scooter! Woman is banned from driving after trying to travel 10 miles home on a 2.4mph mobility buggy.”

I. Shit. You. Not.

Nothing I could see in my paper edition on the climate plans (such as they are.) but on page 16 we have “Light fading fast in search for last 100-watt bulbs.”

I just checked their website, which I refuse to link to on principle.

They haven’t even reported the Council’s plans. And they call themselves a newspaper? They’re having a bloody laugh.

What is wrong with this bloody species?? Anyone?

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