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Can the Can

The G20 and space-toilets I can’t imagine why this didn’t end up extremely graphic and somewhat disturbing.

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Apocalypse when?

This was much funnier in my head. Never mind. What d’ya want f’ nowt? Here’s the link The “revolution” gets underway, and we’ll all be first up against the wall. The revolution will not be televised.

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Songs of t’Apocalypse

What would you put on a compilation album of songs about the end of the world?Excluding various strands of thrash/death/goth metal, natch. No-brainers“It’s the end of the world as we know it” by REM“The End” by the Doors“We don’t need … Continue reading

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Taliking about the end of the world

No, that’s not a typo: all will be revealed. So, the latest New Scientist is out, and Fred Pearce, author of the superlative “The Last Generation” (among many others) has a frankly terrifying piece called “Arctic meltdown is a threat … Continue reading

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Biochar arguments are batted about, technofixes bite the dust and market stalwarts call for state intervention in the energy markets to ensure renewables targets are met. Meanwhile, borders go missing in Europe

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Socially unacceptable

Ed Milliband seeks to shame NIMBYs into following the cuckoo into silence, while German researchers tell us that money is a drug. Who knew?

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Bear essentials

While humans concentrate on launching an “affordable” car for billions of bicyclers, and prepare to meltdown the amazon for palm-oil, the incredible shrinking polar bear seeks protection where it may Water and space are at a premium

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So… what are you advocating, exactly?

There was a meeting of scientists in Copenhagen this week, ahead of a meeting of politicians, ngos and several thousand well-paid lobbyists this December. They basically said our situation is Very Very Serious. As they’ve been saying for a wee … Continue reading

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Bang bang, you’re dead.

Frank is a cartoon character. Shooting people is wrong. Of course Frank would never actually DO anything like this. It’s probably just a dream. We’ll all wake up soon. The great ice sheets may not be set to completely collapse … Continue reading

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Baby, you’re a rich man too.

Opportunities abound for those who dare, as China asks he who calls the tune to pay the piper, and we are all cordially invited to Cap the rich Elsewhere, both Shell and the UK government go into bat for the … Continue reading

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