The only sane response

I alerted London-based friends to an upcoming seminar at the Royal Society (April 27th), given by Richard Leakey.
The title is “Climate Change and extinction.”
Further details below these good suggestions from one recipient of the email…

No! Not of interest! Why would I want to go to a talk entitled ‘Climate change and extinction’? Why can’t you find me a happy seminar to go to? Like Willy Wonka Has The Answer: He’s making Charles Fourier’s utopia a reality, and using all the CO2 to turn the oceans into lemonade? Eh? Something like that? Planet Earth is Fucked But It’s All OK Cos Willy Wonka Says There’s Plenty of Room in His Great Glass Elevator? Mmm? Something like that? The Seas Are Rising But Worry Not, The Oompa-Loompas Will Build Us All A Dam. Come on. Get something like that put on at the Royal Society. Who’s got Gene Wilder’s number?

“Over one hundred years ago the first national parks were established in order that nature might be preserved for the enjoyment and benefit of the current and future generations. Today countless protected areas’ for biodiversity are maintained at huge public and private expense. The question we must consider is whether our protection’ strategies actually protect when the real threats are related to the current climate change.

“Mounting evidence suggests that the parks are in fact very vulnerable and mass extinctions may be the consequence.

“This lecture is free – no ticket or advanced booking required. Doors open at 5.45pm and seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

“This lecture will be webcast LIVE at and available to view on demand within 48 hours of delivery.


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