In a hole, looking for new places to dig

Australia is “jokingly” referred to as China’s quarry. The Australian economy is booming, and very tied to China‘s seemingly insatiable demand for raw materials.

And here’s this from today’s Australian Financial Review:

The federal government has been pressed by a think tank of scientists to provide funding to ensure subsurface exploration for future resource discoveries.
“A few tens of millions of dollars of co-ordinated research and mapping could reveal hundreds of billions of dollars of potential new mines,” said one of the scientists and director of Western Mining Services, Jon Hronsky.”
A report by the the 2010 Theo Murphy High Flyers Think Tank at the Australian Academy of Science said what was needed to promote future exploration was to geologically map Australia’s subsurface.
Australian Financial Review12 January 2011
“Miners need deeper maps: scientists” by Louise Dodson

Words you won’t find in the story “Emissions,” “Climate Change,” “Carbon Dioxide,” “Ecological Limits.” They’ve obviously been taking lessons in missing the point from the Manchester Evening News…

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