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Tacitus talks of t’apocalypse

From a brilliant book called Reports from a Wild Country: ethics for decolonisation┬áby Deborah Bird Rose UNSW Press 2004 Tacitus wrote of the Roman conquest of Britain. He put some of the most damning critique into the voice of one … Continue reading

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Songs of t’Apocalypse

What would you put on a compilation album of songs about the end of the world?Excluding various strands of thrash/death/goth metal, natch. No-brainers“It’s the end of the world as we know it” by REM“The End” by the Doors“We don’t need … Continue reading

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The kids are NOT going to be alright

My wife and I decided years back we didn’t want kids, for “environmental reasons”. Not to “reduce our carbon footprint” (a semi-dubious concept anyhow) but because from our best analysis, the trajectories for this species are extremely unpleasant. Peak water, … Continue reading

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