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Overwhelmed by overwhelming overwhelmingness

Another banality that occurred to me this morning: Few of us like to feel overwhelmed and at the mercy of forces we don’t understand/can’t control. And as children, that’s mostly what we endure- we are told when to go to … Continue reading

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Facilitating your protest in a safe and peaceful manner

OK, this post should have been done 6 weeks ago. What can I say, I’m lazy. The image is the two sides of an A5 flyer the police gave out to each person who chose to take part in the … Continue reading

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Sadnesses piling up.

Sadness aout the Heathrow decision. I mean, I knew the government would do it. The 2003 White Paper was basically written by the aviation industry and sent over to the Department for Transport for mastheading and distribution. “Freedom to Fly” … Continue reading

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