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Fart Gags and/or Climate Justice Analysis

On a day when news reaches us of a shambolic and literally unendurable Climate Camp meeting in Oxford, and on a day when the Financial Times reports that the price of carbon in the EUETS is at a record low, … Continue reading

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The wheel keeps on turning? The Issue Attention Cycle

Whether the Climate March on Saturday- trailed in the Financial Times, of all places- gets 5,000 or 50,000 (my money is on a figure slightly closer to the former than the latter), there’s still a central question the organisers should … Continue reading

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Transition Positions

There’s been a bit of a (non-violent) bunfight within Climate Change/Peak Oil circles of late, about the worth of the notion of “Transition Towns” (which are steadily metastasizing into Transition Cities etc). It’s sort of a replay of the venerable … Continue reading

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