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Environmentalists should take the helm

When the Stern Review came out in late 2006, I scanned the papers to see if any of the Great and Good pundits would write something along the lines of- “Er, ok, we misunderestimated the ecological consequences of rampant growth. … Continue reading

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Gummer for Climate Committee?

Rumours have it that the latest name in the frame to take over from Lord Adair Turner is one John Selwyn Gummer. Yes, this is him… The Climate Committee has released a very weighty tome indeed, possibly following the “bury … Continue reading

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The wheel keeps on turning? The Issue Attention Cycle

Whether the Climate March on Saturday- trailed in the Financial Times, of all places- gets 5,000 or 50,000 (my money is on a figure slightly closer to the former than the latter), there’s still a central question the organisers should … Continue reading

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A Turner for the Worse? Climate Change Committee report

So, the Climate Change Committee reported for the first time today. Its current boss is off to, er, greener pastures, and apparently the very short shortlist of possible replacements wasn’t suitable and those who formulated it were told to go … Continue reading

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