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Corporate Responses- Interview with Dr Rory Sullivan

In November 2008, Greenleaf released a new book, Corporate Responses to Climate Change: Achieving Emissions Reductions Through Regulation, Self-Regulation and Economic Incentives, which P.E.D reviewed here. The book was edited by Dr Rory Sullivan, the Head of Responsible investment at … Continue reading

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Poznan- very second thoughts

More Poznan info rolling in. There’s a brief impressionistic (those adjectives used in a non-pejorative sense) piece here, by Andy Revkin and Elizabeth Rosenthal of the New York Times, as spotted by fellow Pending Ecological Debacle author Marc Roberts. There’s … Continue reading

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Poznan- very first thoughts

Hmm, as Paul Kelly said in a different context “take your time, this thing needs some working on.“ But, famously, time is what we don’t really have on climate change, having pissed the last 20 years against the wall… I’ve … Continue reading

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