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The only sane response

I alerted London-based friends to an upcoming seminar at the Royal Society (April 27th), given by Richard Leakey.The title is “Climate Change and extinction.”Further details below these good suggestions from one recipient of the email… No! Not of interest! Why … Continue reading

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Half in love with easeful death

There was a little piece in the Lex Column of this weekend’s FT “Market stages of grief”- that used Kubler-Ross’s “Stages of Grief” as a hook “With tottering eastern European economies throwing an emerging markets crisis into the financial and … Continue reading

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Groundhog Days

In the autumn of 2006 I put together a spoof newspaper called “Socialist Lurker.” It got handed out at the (in retrospect and at the time) disastrous meeting where the Climate Campers decided- with a little stalinist push from a … Continue reading

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Obama as Superman; Younge, Chomsky, Pilger etc.

photo courtesy of Liad Baniel Obama Superman MuralOne of Los Angeles’ most prominent street artists, Mr. Brainwash (a.k.a. Thierry Guetta), has created a mural of Barack Obama as Superman for SCOPE Art Fair Miami 2008. The French-born artist will also … Continue reading

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