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“Due to drive an hour to Luton at 06.00 on Monday morning, for flight to Belfast. Can any weather watchers give me the odds?” This is a message I’ve just seen on Twitter. Some presumably official RSPB person (though … Continue reading

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Selective Seratonin

A Greenpeace report implicates our obsession with beef – which pumps out 57 times more GHG emissions than would a similar obsession with potatoes – in up to 80% of deforestation. Researchers believe that a build up of seratonin is … Continue reading

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Multi-Coloured Swop Shop

As money dries up, more traditional means of exchange reassert themselves, whilst the pillage of the poor by the wealthy continues, for those with the means. Those without the means speak up where they can. Elsewhere, sanity and gibbering madness … Continue reading

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Plots and Plans

Sowing and reaping becomes a more unpredictable affair as weather begins to dance to a new tune Obama keeps his momentum going. Please complain to the BBC about their shameful and cowardly refusal to broadcast appeals for humanitarian aid to … Continue reading

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Skulls and Bones: Obama as the New Boss

Ok, it’s crude and rude, but most fun things are. Anyone who’s seen John Carpenter’s crude (that word again) political allegory “They Live!” will know what’s going on here. In fact, there’s probably a separate blog post to be written … Continue reading

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Compost Mentis

Obama puts a brake on Bush’s last ditch planet mashers and The Democratic (?)Republic of Congo bravely attempts to put a break on deforestation (whilst scientists talk of bio-engineering solutions) Meanwhile we run out of water, and water boarding

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Carried Away

Frank doesn’t often get infected with enthusiastic optimism, but he’s been listening to Frank Turner CDs and Barack Obama speeches so it had to happen sooner or later. There are figures of every kind being hurled around at the energy … Continue reading

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Smoke and mirrors and derivatives and energy

This is cut and paste from an email the inimitable Roy Tindle sent to “Scalation,” a discussion list about sustainable development/green issues generally. I’ve embiggened the last bit. “Some interesting suggestions in the Tory low carbon policy but still some … Continue reading

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A Many Splendoured Thing

Obama’s plans to relaunch the US and thus the world economy on a green and sustainable footing are ambitious and long overdue – after 8 years of swaggering, blue-blooded halfwittery. We at Throbgoblins International send our best wishes along in … Continue reading

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Flash mobbing hits sweet spot.

There have been enough of them now so that journalists and editors (not the sharpest tools in the box, frankly) know what they are, and how to cover them and which stenographer-to-power to “report” the fun. There haven’t been enough … Continue reading

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