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Glass half empty

As 9 out of 10 firms ignore their supply chain emissions in calculating their climate impact, and the daily hate gets alarmed at something other than immigration, we hurtle towards Copenhagen without effective brakes With thanks as ever to Dr … Continue reading

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Facilitating your protest in a safe and peaceful manner

OK, this post should have been done 6 weeks ago. What can I say, I’m lazy. The image is the two sides of an A5 flyer the police gave out to each person who chose to take part in the … Continue reading

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BBC complaints- morons who can’t read.

Yonks back I blogged about the December 6 interview Peter Sissons did with Caroline Lucas of the Green Party, where he trotted out a line we’ve not been subjected to for a while by the BBC, the “some doubt it’s … Continue reading

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Fourth World Reviewed (issue 149)

Latest “Fourth World Review” slaps onto the doormat. (Last issue reviewed here) Highlights include; a provocative list of actions for re-imagining society by Will Sutherland, “It is such a shame we cannot use the brains that evolution has given us. … Continue reading

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Sheeple, frogs and walking out

This Labour Government- slouching towards a massacre no later than June 2010– is like any other government, only maybe more so. Deeply suspicious of the population, unwilling to tell anyone what’s going on [treating them like sheeple], and more and … Continue reading

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Toilet humour. I know. It’s not big. It’s not clever. Some sophisticated souls pull their faces over material like this and end up looking like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle. They think it devalues the currency. I pooh … Continue reading

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The Age of Enlightentertainment

In a sad and hopeless bid to upstage Dilbert… Apparently this blog no longer materialises on some browsers. I suspect Ern has wedged a sabot somewhere in the gears. For those few who remain…. The media don’t take this stuff … Continue reading

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"Eat me", as the gingerbread man said

More on bees, and rabbits, and metaphors soon, but for now, this Dilbert cartoon… Reposted from this rather excellent website

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Char wallahs

BioChar seems set to be a nice little earner for those unable to fill their boots with biodiesel. But before everybody runs away with the idea that this is some sort of tried and tested technology, lets have a little … Continue reading

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Safeguarding our way of life

The instinct of crisis hit government classes throughout time and across continents seems to be to keep the people down and dumb. This seems to be a default position of power and it is no surprise to see it exercised … Continue reading

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